SEMDA is a Vendor-independent software package developed for integration with My Rotary from any other system.

Over the years, Semda has developed more and more and is probably the most complete and most advanced data integration system on the market today. In addition, Semda is the only system that can be integrated with any local CMS completely.

SEMDA was developed together with Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. All four countries have their own membership system from different vendors.

Each vendor system produces three XML-files, one respectively for Members, Clubs and Officers, which are sent daily to SEMDA. SEMDA then updates One Rotary with all the changes that derive from each country.

SEMDA is suitably for all countries or MDA’s since it requires a minimum of changes in the local system. It can be hosted locally or at ZOLV Data HB as a country/MDA specific service.

SEMDA is also handling Rotaractors.



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